Overcoming Common Challenges With Offshore Product Development For Startups

Out sourcing a certain part of the work or using offshore development services has become quite common with start-ups. Unlike businesses who already have a footing, entrepreneurs or startups need to put in that extra effort to get their new venture on track, and so hiring an external organization works out great.

Every path to success is rough, and even with offshore development, startups do have to face certain challenges that they need to overcome.

Working at the same time

When out sourcing the work to another country, it is always a problem to work at the same time when in different time zones. It is important to make sure that both offices work together to avoid confusion and complete tasks efficiently.

Ensure that at least a majority of the offshore partners are working at your time to have complete collaboration and work synchronization.

Communication barriers

When not in the same office, startups need to ensure that they are communicating with their offshore partners in an effective manner so that all the tasks and work can move along smoothly.

There may be a gap in the way communication is made or the language was spoken, but to get past this ensure that both parties are comfortable with the way information and messages are passed around. Create a streamlined and simple process to keep confusion to a minimum.


For a startup, it is important to consider quality over quantity to create a solid base for their new business and venture. When using offshore development services, take care to see the company’s credibility and past projects. A lot of work done may not matter if it’s not up to the required standards you need to set.

Shared understanding

It is imperative that the business, as well as the offshore development team, are both on the same page. To do this, it is first necessary to come on common grounds of what your expectation is for the business and how you want it to progress.

When hiring an external organization, there can be a difference in the understanding of things like quality, security, and user experience. Make sure the offshore team to understands the level of service you wish to provide and there is no discrepancy in the end. Even small things such as a difference in a particular style of TDD can cause problems in the long run!

It is also a good idea to keep open communication with your offshore team and they shouldn’t just blindly say ‘yes’ to your every demand and concern. With the openness to ask questions or suggest changes, companies can eliminate disagreeable architectural decisions that have been made to satisfy outwardly fixed requirements.

Whatever the reason that you decide to use an Extended Development Center, such a practice can help businesses scale at a lower cost, while completing larger parts of their work. Startups need all the help they can get in the beginning, so working out the problems and challenges can help in the smooth sailing for the business later on.


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